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March 09 2011

OVH Xen with multiple Failover IPs and a Load Balancing IP

As the previous post with bridged Xen setup was not good to make the LoadBalance IP running,
I again fiddled with routed setup and the things I learned from my friend TH. And, against
all the warnings in propably older OVH docs I just use now dev ethX as default gw in my
routing table(s). (I think before they introduced the virtual MAC they always blocked unknown
MACs (and therefore also random ones from virtualisation as well) on their switches. This
seems not to be the case anymore).

first, get two of your 3 failover IPs and attach them to your rootserver.

second, get at least a second rootserver and attach a LoadBalancing infrastructure to both
of them and then enable only your test candidate for now.

get your Xen in routed mode (xend-config.sxp):

(network-script network-route)
(vif-script     vif-route)

don't forget to restart xend!

and in domU /etc/network/interfaces easy as this: (where is the default gw of your dom0)

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# fixed IP
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
    post-up /sbin/ip route add dev eth0
    post-up /sbin/ip route add default dev eth0
    post-down /sbin/ip route del dev eth0
    post-down /sbin/ip route del default dev eth0

# moving failover IP
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
    post-up /sbin/ip rule  add from lookup 100
    post-up /sbin/ip route add dev eth1 table 100
    post-up /sbin/ip route add default dev eth1 table 100
    post-down /sbin/ip rule  del from lookup 100
    post-down /sbin/ip route del dev eth1 table 100
    post-down /sbin/ip route del default dev eth1 table 100

# moving loadbalance IP
auto eth2
iface eth2 inet static
    post-up /sbin/ip rule add from lookup 200
    post-up /sbin/ip route add dev eth2 table 200
    post-up /sbin/ip route add default dev eth2 table 200
    post-down /sbin/ip rule  del from lookup 200
    post-down /sbin/ip route del dev eth2 table 200
    post-down /sbin/ip route del default dev eth2 table 200

now: profit!

March 08 2011

OVH Xen with mre than one IP

Getting new sh*t around the block, having new roots at OVH, cool offers, nice machines, decent services, okay price, worst UI for management webinterface ever :_)

first, get two of your 3 failover IPs and attach them to your rootserver.

to get xen bridged running you need to create virtual mac addresses in the ovh manager. assign those to the vif section of the domU config:

vif         = [ 'ip=,mac=02:00:00:00:00:01,vifname=vif.serv01',
                'ip=,mac=02:00:00:00:00:02,vifname=vif.serv02' ]

use in xend-config.sxp

(network-script 'network-bridge antispoof=yes')
(vif-script vif-bridge)

and in domU /etc/network/interfaces easy as this:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
    post-up /sbin/ip route add default dev eth0

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
    post-up /sbin/ip rule add from lookup 100
    post-up /sbin/ip route add default dev eth1 table 100
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August 25 2010

"mkimage" command not found - U-Boot images will not be built

life can be so easy ...

phaidros@daddl:~/workspace/openrd/openrd.git$ sudo aptitude install uboot-mkimage
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded.
Need to get 9,876B of archives. After unpacking 57.3kB will be used.
Get:1 lucid/main uboot-mkimage 0.4build1 [9,876B]
Fetched 9,876B in 0s (61.7kB/s)      
Selecting previously deselected package uboot-mkimage.
(Reading database ... 52121 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking uboot-mkimage (from .../uboot-mkimage_0.4build1_i386.deb) ...
Setting up uboot-mkimage (0.4build1) ...

phaidros@daddl:~/workspace/openrd/openrd.git$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/home/phaidros/workspace/openrd/arm-2010q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- uImage
  CHK     include/linux/version.h
  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h
make[1]: `include/generated/mach-types.h' is up to date.
  CALL    scripts/
  CHK     include/generated/compile.h
  Kernel: arch/arm/boot/Image is ready
  SHIPPED arch/arm/boot/compressed/lib1funcs.S
  AS      arch/arm/boot/compressed/lib1funcs.o
  LD      arch/arm/boot/compressed/vmlinux
  OBJCOPY arch/arm/boot/zImage
  Kernel: arch/arm/boot/zImage is ready
  UIMAGE  arch/arm/boot/uImage
Image Name:   Linux-2.6.33-rc8-00099-gb4cb3f9
Created:      Wed Aug 25 17:42:47 2010
Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
Data Size:    2561572 Bytes = 2501.54 kB = 2.44 MB
Load Address: 0x00008000
Entry Point:  0x00008000
  Image arch/arm/boot/uImage is ready

yippieh, not longer complaining about missing mkimage .. thanks ubuntu (though possibly it came directly from Debian, so thanks to you uys as well !!! )

June 27 2010

lucid and ssh-agent

for ages, i had my ssh-agent settings in my .bashrc. with lucid this setup stopped working.

i had to - tell gconftool to not intermingle:

gconftool-2 --set -t bool /apps/gnome-keyring/daemon-components/ssh false

which did not do much. as an ugly hack, i additionally just disabled my own ssh-agent handling if it runs on lucid:
    # ssh-agent stuff
    # broken with ubuntu lucid
    distro=lsb_release -c | sed -e 's/Codename://g' | grep lucid
    if [ ! -z "$distro" ] ; then
                #echo "$distro detected, aborting ssh-agent logic"
                echo $- | grep i > /dev/null
                if [ "$noninteractive" == 0 ] ; then
                    ssh-add -l >& /dev/null
                    if test $? = 2; then
                         if test -f ~/.agent; then
                                 . ~/.agent
                         ssh-add -l >& /dev/null
                         if test $? = 2; then
                                 ssh-agent > ~/.agent
                                 . ~/.agent > /dev/null


April 19 2010

doc of enhanced search with aptitude

linked the aptitude docs ..

.. as I regularly tend to forget, I linked the aptitude docs on

the enhanced search option you can find directly here:
The aptitude Search Term Quick Guide !!eleven!

now, use it.
then, fun :)

January 05 2010



this is a collection of information i went through to set up a digital audio workstation (DAW) running on linux.

as far as the systems here were concerned, the distros used for the setup were debian squeeze (testing), ubuntu intrepid, karmic and lucid, for other distros take a look at

1. hardware

2. software

3. putting it all together

data rates, bit depth, midi, osc

using it

general reference

audio communication channels
resources linux audio en francais


December 30 2009

aptitude search in package descriptions

List all packages containing the words route or routing in their description:

aptitude search '~drout(e|ing)'

List installed packages that are not official Debian packages:

aptitude search '~S~i!~Odebian'

List packages installed from experimental:

aptitude search ~S~i~Aexperimental

List packages with 'ruby' and 'gtk' in their names:

aptitude search 'ruby gtk'
aptitude search ~nruby~ngtk

List installed packages that depend on bash:

aptitude search ~S~i~Dbash

Purge all packages that have been removed except for their config files:

aptitude purge ~c

June 23 2009

making deb from cpan

make deb from cpan

quite simple:

dh-make-perl --build --cpan $module
dpkg -i $module.deb

June 09 2009

building debs

building debs from source

make sure to have deb-src entries in your sources.list[.d]

among the installed packages should be at least

build-essential debhelper fakeroot autoconf automake

add more if necessary (like dh-make, quilt and so on)

get the dependencies right:

sudo apt-get build-dep $package

get the sources and build them:

sudo apt-get -b source $package

for manual adjustments, leave out the -b and in the package source dir, do

fakeroot debian/rules binary

after changing whatever you wanted different.

June 08 2009

mailman, again.

as I did, you might also wonder if mailman is capable of running on multiple domain names with a single instance.

yes it is, easy. configure mailman for your default host and for the next ones, just add the following line to /etc/mailman/


add a vhost for your webserver to point to the mailman. nicely you can add now (with the sooperdooper password) new lists via webif.

now the wondering point: your new list will still be listed on the webif of the default mailman host. I tried to patch mailman, as I remembered it was not a feature offered upstream. by reading the code, I just wondered, that there is a comparison alread done if the list belongs to the web url. well, all you need to do is changing the web_page_url variable of your new list of the virtual domain, because by default all new lists belong to - who guessed - default host. easy thing:

bin/withlist -l -r fix_url listname -u

well, now it just shows up onlt on the webif of the vhost it belongs to, ez, eh?

June 06 2009

how I dreamed about a new system

ubuntu stable sucked, so I just went alpha!

grep -r jaunty /etc/apt/sources.list* | grep -v "#" | gawk {'print $1'} | sed 's/:.*$//' | xargs sed -i 's/jaunty/karmic/g

set all used apt sources from jaunty to karmic.

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade    

for a t41p (or other harware using Rxxx ATI card) follow the instructions here:

get your card running. nice, latest DRI, and works. (don't forget to:

aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-ati


I then again got troubles with supend/hibernation. so tetzlav pointed me once moar to uswsusp.

sudo aptitude install uswsusp
s2ram -f -p -m

for suspend to ram.


for suspend to disk. roxx!

and, well, still splash was buggy. kick it. now I got radeonfb used for 1440x1050 on console

nano /boot/grub/menu.list

add the following to the line with #defoptions (do not remove the '#', remove all other vga= or video= settings)

vga=835 video=radeonfb

so, that to work, you must edit /etc/initramfs/modules. just add


fb_ddc is used to detect the screen resolution, i2c is needed by it. radeon, of course ..

now get your changes into place

sudo update-grub
sudo update-initramfs -u -k all

reboot, see, suspend, wake up .. \o/ ..

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